Why holiday parks offer the best UK family holiday

A UK family holiday that keeps everyone happy can be hard to find but we reckon a stay at a holiday park is one that ticks all the boxes. Here’s why…

Holiday parks are affordable.

Taking the family on holiday can be an expensive affair and when it comes to going abroad during the school holidays, the sky is the limit in terms of price. Staying in the UK is the only option for many, but it doesn’t have to be second best. A family holiday at a UK holiday park is affordable and just as much fun as jet-setting across the globe. You’ll save money on getting to your accommodation and the price of a stay is usually pretty good value too.

A no-fly family holiday.

Choose a UK holiday park and you won’t have to negotiate the airport or endure a long uncomfortable flight to get there. It also means that you don’t have to worry about luggage limits. You won’t be up the night before your holiday measuring the suitcase to make sure it’s going to be allowed on the flight – you can simply rest assured that if you can cram it in the car, you can take it with you.

The familiarity of home on holiday.

This can be a real highlight for families with babies and very young children. Run out of nappies? You’ll have no problem making sure you get the right size when you’re shopping in the UK but try reading the label in another language and a simple task becomes a bit more taxing! Favourite foods for fussy eaters are easily available and, of course, drinking water is on tap!

Holiday parks are often in fantastic locations.

The UK has a wealth of amazing destinations from the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire to the rural beauty of the Lake District and from wild Scottish islands to sandy beaches of Norfolk. There are holiday parks in all of them – and they are often in locations that are hard to beat with direct access to coast and countryside, and within easy reach of some of the UK’s best attractions.

It’s all-weather camping… almost.

There’s no denying that high temperatures and sunny days are more likely if you head south for your summer holidays. Stay in the UK and you need to be prepared for all weathers but isn’t it sweeter when the sun does shine? And by choosing a UK holiday park over a more basic campsite you will, more than likely, have some all-weather areas for when the heavens do open. Wet weather gives you a chance to test the indoor pool, grab a coffee in the café or to just hide out in your tent, caravan or cabin and play board games.

No need to go anywhere else.

The very first holiday parks were designed to offer everything you need from a holiday in one place so that once you’d arrived with your suitcase you’d have little need to go elsewhere. On that front, little has changed. Of course, the facilities vary from place to place from sites where the basics are catered for, to parks with entertainment and kid’s club activities laid on every day. Choose according to your needs!

The flexibility of self-catering.

Staying on a holiday park means you are unrestricted by hotel timetables and meal times. You can eat, sleep and generally do as you wish when you wish, sticking to a routine you set for yourself. If you have special dietary requirements or a fussy eater in the family, self-catering holidays can make mealtimes easier as you set your own menu rather than having to check ingredients and explain allergies.

Freedom and fun for older kids.

It can be hard to find a holiday that suits older children and teenagers but a UK holiday park can work just as well for them as for younger children. The confines of a holiday park mean they can have freedom to explore within a safe environment and choose a place with activities for their age group or a swimming pool, playground and games room and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Romantic dinners for mum and dad.

It’s sometimes easy to make the holiday all about the kids but it’s your holiday too! If your chosen holiday park has a kid’s club or organised activities, you might get some adult-time during the day, but the evening also offers a great time to relax and enjoy the location. While the kids are asleep you can dine al fresco and perhaps enjoy a spot of stargazing outside your tent, caravan or chalet.

A sociable atmosphere.

Holiday parks are a great option for groups of friends or family to holiday together without being in one another’s pockets. You can pitch up or park up together or pick neighbouring caravans or chalets so you can share a barbecue, but not a bathroom! Even if you go on holiday without extended family or friends, the sociable atmosphere of holiday parks means it’s likely that you’ll have the opportunity to make friends on site. And, if you don’t, your kids probably will – giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

By Amy Woodland, April 2018