The big holiday park renaissance – why UK parks are back en vogue

Holiday parks in the UK are seeing a boom in business as more and more people are recognising the great-value holidays they provide. “Staycation” has been a buzz word for years and, in post-Brexit Britain, the value of the pound means that holidaying in this country makes more financial sense for many. More people taking their holidays here is good news for British tourism across the board and holiday parks are undergoing a renaissance as a result.

Things have certainly moved on a bit since holiday parks were first conceived in the 1930s and there is no longer a one-size fits all approach to holidays. Instead of row upon row of identikit chalets you will often find a choice of accommodations to suit a range of budgets, from spacious mobile homes to simple eco-pods or pitches for your own tourers. But while there is great variety, there remain some similarities which underline why holiday parks are a perfect choice for a Great British holiday and why UK holiday parks are officially back on trend!

Great value

Going all-inclusive in Spain can seem like a bargain but the cost of airport car parking, the flight and car hire will be pushing the price up. Stay in this country and the cost of getting to your holiday in the first place is reduced. A UK holiday park offers you basic, self-catering accommodation which can help keep the cost down but usually with plenty of options for eating out and entertainment within the park – so you can pick and choose what you want to get involved with according to your budget. Accommodation is usually designed for families and larger group sizes so you are likely to be able to find a single unit to accommodate everyone rather than having to split up and pay for separate rooms.

Great locations

You’ll find holiday parks in some of the most amazing locations around the UK – often they are right on the coast, near stunning beaches, or in beautiful spots in the countryside with fantastic views and easy access to footpaths, trails and national parks. Many are located close to must-see UK attractions or on the outskirts of some of our most beautiful towns and cities. While hotels and other types of accommodation in these areas can be at a premium, the range of great value stays offered by holiday parks make them more accessible to all. If it’s a beautiful natural location that you’re keen to explore, holiday parks also offer a way to stay that makes the most of the great outdoors.

Great entertainment

One of the best things about UK holiday parks is the range of great entertainment that is laid on for guests which means you don’t have to go anywhere to get your kicks. Okay, most of it is for the kids – but if they are kept entertained by enthusiastic blue, red or yellow coats, the adults can just sit back and relax! And, what’s more, after a few days of getting into the swing of things you might just find that you enjoy the cabaret and competitions too. We might take a while to let our hair down – but there’s no denying the Great British love of organised fun! Quizzes, bingo nights, exercise classes are all on offer and there’s no better time to give something a go than when you’re on holiday. And that’s not to mention the magicians, musicians, comedians and entertainers who spend their summers doing the rounds of the big-brand holiday parks giving holiday makers a theatre on the doorstep.

Great accommodation

The range of accommodation available on holiday parks across the UK is vast. Even within a single site you can find huge variety from patches of perfectly mown grass for caravans and tents to luxuriously appointed mobile homes and cabins with all mod cons included. Long before we embraced “glamping” as a defined concept, holiday parks were offering it in one form or another. There are seaside chalets that have changed little in decades and offer (intentionally-or-otherwise) a little piece of vintage heaven and then there are the new breed of eco-friendly, sustainably built, log cabins with a (definitely intentional) cosy vibe. In between all that there are mobile homes offering fully functional spaces for families so whatever floats your boat, you’re likely to find it somewhere on the UK holiday park scene.